Sun | Jun 13, 2021

Our teachers deserve better

Published:Monday | May 17, 2021 | 12:07 AM


As a parent and the parent-teacher association president at my child’s school, I see first-hand the efforts made by the teaching staff to educate my child. Indeed, it is me who falters to keep up with the online lessons because of challenges of my own in this pandemic.

The principal and vice-principal even visited my office to see if all was well with me. These professionals show genuine concern and leadership.

Therefore, when I saw this 2.5 per cent being offered to teachers during this pandemic, I first laughed at the notion but became serious knowing that our government would have been willing to give them less if they could.

Education is the bedrock of any society that wishes to move into the future, and how well we treat with it will decide how fast we move up the ladder of success as a nation.

We know that times are even harder with COVID-19, but I cannot help but notice that our police commissioner was given a hefty $18 million salary package.

Low pay and working standards for teachers, nurses, doctors and the other public servants is directly related to customer service. This is a great reason why we reap what we sow.

I do not know if the government will listen to me, but I hope our parents will realise if we do not treat our teachers better we not going get the better educated adults we are so hoping to have in the future.

Right now teachers, nurses and others are leaving for greener pastures because they feel unappreciated here. Parents, I am requesting you to please support the teachers because the government does not seem to be doing so.