Tue | Jun 15, 2021

Readers’ reactions – Hundreds of minors impregnated from rapes, carnal abuse since 2020

Published:Monday | June 7, 2021 | 12:07 AM

A staggering 249 girls have been impregnated from rapes, carnal abuse and other sex crimes between January 2020 and March this year. Here are some readers’ reactions from The Gleaner’s social media pages:


“The harshest of punishment needs to be handed out. Their lives have been changed forever....this has to stop!!!”

– @judy_schoenbein

“There needs to be a national dialogue about paedophilia and child sex abuse in Jamaica. It’s disgusting how normalised it is.”

– @DeusVuIt

“Jamaica has a sex problem. Out of 10, at least 8 have been sexually molested by families or close friends. Very sad. Teach your children to speak up and to be loud. They prey on quiet and introverted kids.” – @sherLue

“There is collusion of low order pretending to be high, as many are participants in the destruction of children for perverted sexual pleasures ... .” – @warndem


“School is a haven for many children. I think this is one of the reasons why the Government is pushing for schools to reopen. Believe it or not, school is a place of refuge for many children.”

– Diana Nesbeth

“And many of these could have been prevented with proper parenting. Some parents really need to do more when it comes to protecting their children. We also need to listen, I mean really LISTEN to our children.”

– Keisha Jones

“We are failing our children. That is a crazy number. How many of the perpetrators have been charged and convicted?” – Dwayne Sheldon Lawrence

“So what are we going to do? Change the laws? The poor girls, most times, will not press charges, so the criminals are never held accountable. These incidents could be the triggers for many suicides in Jamaica? When will we really begin to love from the heart?” – Lisa Bramwell


“249!!! 249??? Nobody nuh see anything wrong with this number?” – @biophilic_876

“JAMAICA IS AN INCESTUOUS NATION‼️ The society has normalised child sex abuse and predators raping minors for years, it’s disgusting‼️‼️ I remember as a young lady growing up, as I hit 12 and had little breast, the dutty man dem all came running!! IT’S DISGUSTING!! BUT THEY ALL GET AWAY WITH IT WHY IT STILL CONTINUES TO THIS DAY!!!” – @nickybooja

“Jamaica is yet to deal with this toxic pattern. From mi a bwoy this has been going on, and the laws continue to be relaxed for these perpetrators. They don’t care because they know that if caught, it would just be a slap on the wrist. If the cases of girls being raped and sexually abused are so many, I don’t want to see the numbers for our boys, because we know they are being raped too, but we are not ready for that conversation.

We have failed our children miserably.” – @willryanwilson