Sat | Sep 25, 2021

Is there no room for forgiveness?

Published:Thursday | June 10, 2021 | 12:13 AM


If MP George Wright has done what it is alleged he has done, he should rightly be condemned for it, but should we ‘drink his blood’ before we are satisfied? People of all walks of life have expressed outrage at the incident, and quite rightly so, but after the uproar and the expressions of disgust, is there no room for forgiveness?

I ask myself, what would Jesus have done? Is there none among us who have done outrageous things, things that we ought not to have done, even more outrageous than what George Wright is alleged to have done, and would not want to be forgiven?

Why is it every failing of man, and especially of politicians, should be addressed by firing and perpetual condemnation, and unless ‘blood is wiped up from the floor’, we are not satisfied?

We have over time seen the reactions to the unfortunate failings of man: a call for ‘execution for every sin’, real or imagined, for others but not for us, and especially when it comes to politicians. Aren’t they people too? Aren’t they mortals too, and subject to the same failings that we all are subject to? When we fail, don’t we want forgiveness too?

This period of the COVID-19 pandemic ought to be a learning experience for all!