Tue | Jun 15, 2021

Letter of the Day | An act of honesty that rekindled faith in Jamaica

Published:Friday | June 11, 2021 | 12:06 AM


On Thursday, May 6, while travelling on public transportation to work, I lost my wallet with all my important documents, bank cards and a few thousand dollars in cash. After many frantic checks, searches, calls, I finally accepted the reality that this is Jamaica and the likelihood of never again seeing that wallet or its contents.

Next day, I ran to the bank, tax office and elsewhere, cancelling my cards, making reports, etc. It was shaping up to be an exhausting journey ahead.

Two days later, I was at home just trying to thaw my brains in the Saturday morning breeze when I heard a honk at my gate. Upon checking, I saw a gentleman alight from a white station wagon route taxi and asked for me. After sizing up the gentleman, I identified myself and after some small talk he handed me an item – can you guess, it was my wallet – with every document, card and dollar still intact! I was in disbelief.

He explained that he had found the wallet in his car and he apologised for coming by after two days. I recalled that it was the same route taxi that I had taken on that Thursday.

I wish to use this medium to publicly extend my heartiest gratitude to Mr Maxwell Daley, who plies the Angels/Spanish Town route in St Catherine. He took time from his busy Saturday morning route to search for me, and come to my home to return my wallet to me. Mr Maxwell Daley, we need more people like you. You have rekindled my hope in Jamaica. Thank you!

There are still a few good men.