Tue | Jun 15, 2021

Readers’ reactions – Embattled MP George Wright back in Parliament

Published:Friday | June 11, 2021 | 12:06 AM

Westmoreland Central Member of Parliament George Wright is back in Gordon House. He sat briefly on Opposition benches on Tuesday minutes before Gender Affairs Minister Olivia Grange made her contribution to the Sectoral Debate. Here are the responses via The Gleaner’s social media pages:


On the day the gender affairs minister making her contribution this man presents himself. This is like when you spoil a child and him bite off your ears.

– @joyouslydevine

Well I guess the opposition will “stand firm” with George Wright too

– @jayjamiejay1

Bad luck worse that obeah! Many are pretending as though Wright is the only member of the house with a spotty record.

– @Zemi66


Welcome back Mr George Wright. Hope you have learnt your lesson.

– Michelle Farquharson

In the absence of criminal charges only the people who put him there can remove him from the Parliament. I see no massive protest in Central Westmoreland, neither from PNP nor JLP supporters.

– Evrol A. Bell

What examples we are setting, what kind of role models we are to our children? Then we blame artistes while our actions are worse. What we really expect from these young people who going to be our next generation? These person in the video needs serious professional counselling. There’s no green or orange in this matter.

– Debbie Ann Scott Lee

It’s really sad that we as Jamaicans have not set a high standard for the people by whom we are governed. These are the same persons who sit in the Parliament making laws to govern us but not themselves. No wonder crime is out of hand in this country. It can’t be do as I say but not as I do.

– Pauline Brooks-Gayle

He is an independent member of parliament now. Therefore, there is no need for any leave of absence for him. Also, he is free to vote with any of the two parties.

– Trevor Coore Sr


So basically he was sent to sit in the corner for a time out

– @qwalytea

He should have lost his job.

– @jiveygayle

The lady in the video needs to speak up then actions can be taken. All of us keep narrating from third person point of view. Lady, you need to come set the record straight, please.

– @ms_leiba