Sun | Jul 25, 2021

Readers’ responses Ransom paid

Published:Tuesday | June 22, 2021 | 12:07 AM

A 38-year-old taxi operator who endured two days of threats and was reportedly taunted by mobsters at shallow graves with worm-infested human remains has been freed after his family paid a $400,000 ransom. Here are some of the readers’ reactions from The Gleaner’s social media pages.

“Lord, is what dis on our little island!? Hope the perps are found and punished to the full extent of the law.”

– Vivienne Hanchard

“Is the Government asleep or what! This country is too small and beautiful to be taken over by criminals in all aspects. Spend the money, whatever resources have to be used, to clean up the mess.”

– Marvalet Grant

“He needs to be put in witness protection. He and his family. Because they can come and kill him now.”

– Andrene Senior

“Jamaica cannot be a real place. I urge my family never to negotiate with criminals.”

– Duncan Al

“They should use the bank transfer instead of cash and pay them so they can trace the use of the money and what happened to the cyber police that should follow and trace the online conversation?

– Venice Bedward

“Something off. Sounds like a Jack and Jill story.”

– Kiel Samuels

“Some people don’t want to earn an honest living. They watch people working hard, then kill or hurt them for it. This is so sad.”

– Angela Rosa Lee

“I am glad they accepted the $400,000 and freed him. Glad you’re alive, brother. I doubt they will come back to kill you, because they get what they wanted. Just be safe! Get counselling. Give thanks always as you go forward daily.”

– Leon Bakes

“If the police don’t get those responsible, it is going to become a trend for others islandwide.”

– Calvin Anthony

“So this is now the new thing? Kidnapping? Really, these people sit down and desire, they do not want to work; and their intent is to make people’s lives a living hell. Capital punishment must come back. That’s the only way.”

– Jacqueline Henry

“Only in movie mi watch them something yah! Mighty God, we need help dung yah ‘cause earth a run red.”

– Kalan Buricks

“The combined JCF and JDF got to break this case or a new wave of crime will lead to terrorism in Jamaica.”

– Annmarie Campbell

“Kidnapping is very common in many Caribbean islands, it was just a matter time for this to start happen here. Many lazy, criminal-mind youngsters are smiling this morning when they see this news. People protect unu self and unu kids.”

– Jermaine Bell

“My God, what if they didn’t have the money to pay?”

– Brethen Messam

“Thank God your life was spared. Not many people have been fortunate to come out unscathed. Mercy! When will the mayhem that has been terrorising our sweet little country end?”

– Andrea Forbes