Sun | Jul 25, 2021

Who authorises JPS increase?

Published:Wednesday | June 23, 2021 | 12:06 AM


As a legitimate Jamaica Public Service (JPS) customer, I had never owed a bill nor even had a balance brought forward.

Imagine my surprise to receive a February bill for $3,687.90, which is my highest bill in 15 years and the highest bill in one month. My bills are always under $2,900 per month.

I wrote to JPS indicating that they must conduct an investigation as to this drastic increase. Nothing was done and I paid the bill IN FULL, as usual.

But it got worse.

In March I was not home yet I received a JPS bill for $5,500, the highest bill in 15 years; the highest bill in one month. I wrote to JPS and they noted that they increased the bill, to which I responded that the increase should not be that drastic, given that no one was actually using the electricity.

I further noted that I WILL NOT be paying any JPS bills until a detailed investigation is done; my avenue is notorious for light theft and JPS turns a blind eye.

I further noted that nothing has changed at my home:

• No washing machine

• No air conditioning

• 1 fan

• 1 fridge

• 1 radio

• 1 TV

As a result of living within my means, I’ve maintained a JPS bill of under $2,900 monthly for the past 15-plus years.

But now this is the trend:

• February bill – $3,600

• March bill – $5,500

• April bill – $8,300

• Disconnected May 18, 2021 at 9 a.m.

• May bill – $9,072

• June bill – $14,1400 … and there’s a usage attached to the June bill, so who’s using disconnected electricity?

Why is it that JPS has increased my bill, or is it a ploy to not address light theft? Either way, I’m not paying any JPS bill over $2,900.

I’m still without electricity and I need a lawyer. I need this matter investigated and I need answers.

I am tired of utility companies robbing legitimate paying customers.