Sun | Aug 1, 2021

Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | June 25, 2021 | 12:07 AM

A zone of special operations has been declared in Norwood, St James, and a curfew in August Town, St Andrew, and Central Kingston. We asked our followers their thoughts on these latest crime-fighting measures.

What about Negril, two shooting less than a week, or you guys waiting for more fi dead before place waah clean up

– Jermaine Williams

Hope the security forces set up surprise checkpoints at the border points of St James to hopefully nab some of the wanted persons that will be fleeing St James.

– Winston Anderson

They should be there permanently. After a year, change the entire security detail. But the presence of lawmen must be there at all times.

– ozen_edwards

Doing spot checks alone can’t work, u need to do door-to-door checks and searches in yards, house etc.

– @miller_9ine

Wasn’t properly explained. Caused a lot of confusion for residents that needed to leave for work as well as those who run shops in the community.

– @kadzja876_

August Town has been having serious problems for several years. I’m very happy the residents will have some peace with the help of zone of special operations!

– @mitsyseaga

ZOSO only work during the time it’s in operation, but one hour after it finish it’s back to the same thing again.

– @slimfoxforbes

Announcing the special operation defeats the purpose of it being special if everyone knows about before it’s implemented.

– @yoo_jacko

Our thoughts don’t matter, until the community take a stand, they’ll continue to see recurrences, but then again, the Gov’t knows exactly what to do to get crime and violence under control.

– @__nyiu

Good move. Now put in apprenticeship/skills training programmes for the unemployed youth. Help them to see a better way of living and give them hope for their future. They may not want this, as many have a ‘get rich quick/lazy’ mentality, but still try. Some will come, they just need the opportunity.

– @imjustpeachie19

Honestly, Andrew wah give all me five mins inna these communities. Any young man ova 18 don’t have a job or a proof of hustle, six months in detention centre with certified people training them to get a skill, if u have any form of criminal record or related to any gang three years in prison jus like that, some of them need to get off the streets.

– @sweetnesscavel

Hopefully it works.

– @loveable_mrscampbell1_