Sun | Jul 25, 2021

Stop taking people for fools

Published:Monday | July 19, 2021 | 12:06 AM


Prime Minister Holness appears to take us all for fools. I say this having read his utterances last week, where he is telling us to adhere to protocols and suggests that he is doing his own “investigations” to see where breaches occurred, while warning us that, were such breaches to continue, inevitable tightening of restrictions would follow.

I read these comments around the same time as when I saw on my social media accounts videos of the recently held soca party at Stadium East which had hundreds in attendance. They were gyrating in proximity of one another, with hardly anyone wearing a mask. What level of personal “investigations” does ‘Brogad’ need to conduct to see what is taking place as a result of his “flying the gate” for the entertainment industry? Will he wait for COVID-19 numbers to skyrocket and blame the people as against accepting blame squarely at his administration’s feet for the gross irresponsibility?

This appears to be just another tale of the two Jamaicas.

Persons will inevitably blame the patrons of such events, but I blame those who grant the permits for these events to take place. Did whoever permitted this think that people at a mass gathering, with food and drinks flowing freely, will actually stay more than six feet apart and wear their masks?

Come on, Mr Holness, stop taking those you are supposed to serve for fools!