Tue | Sep 28, 2021

Dionne Sinclair is a Jamaican icon in Canada

Published:Friday | July 23, 2021 | 12:06 AM


I am the wife of one of the former Canadian high commissioners in Jamaica from 2003-07, as well as the head of Canadian International Development Agency’s good governance programme in the region. Upon my return to Ottawa, I was blessed by my meeting with Dionne Sinclair.

I was out of shape and needed to get physically and mentally back on track. I joined a popular health club and Dionne was the weekend instructor. Let me tell you, zumba classes were never as popular as when Dionne was on stage. Her class attracted over 100 people. She blended Latino music with Caribbean reggae, people went crazy for Dionne.

On one of my trips back to Jamaica, I had one of the former prime ministers sign an award of accomplishment honouring Dionne. Not only has she done greatness in her field of nursing and health, but she has done so much to organise people to recognise Jamaican music, artists, and athletes. She has been involved in Canadian local politics and has promoted ethical issues.

Dionne is my hero, and I am glad to see that The Gleaner has written a tribute to her greatness in Canada.

She is the stuff all great Jamaicans are made of, which enriches other cultures in the world!