Sat | Oct 23, 2021

Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | July 23, 2021 | 12:06 AM

The price of fuel and some food items continues to increase as the value of the Jamaican dollar against the US currency further declines. We asked The Gleaner’s social media followers how they have been responding to price increases.

I buy what I need and put aside the frivolous spending.

– @caribreport

Want to buy a bike to cut down my travelling expenses, but wifey not having it.

– @dougie1038

Buying only what’s needed and finding something in the house to carry for lunch daily.

– @neecie2019

A hope fi more pay but me nah see it a come.

– @tashlee_d

Nothing new here, from the devil was a boy I have been going through this.

– @shekevalgmiller

The cost of goods has been drastically increased, especially since the pandemic. The Government should encourage ppl to eat what they grow to support and stimulate the local economy.

– @tdotrebel

Huge cutback in eating properly. Need a pay raise.

– @jahratchet

God alone carrying me through, worse with a pay rate of US$2 per hour where I work.

– @_amiraria._

It’s terrible. I thought in a pandemic they would think about the poor and people who not working.

– @maureenbrammertaylor

Honestly, I need somewhere to live. Remember, either you’re working or not at this time and people aren’t fair. Those who have it aren’t paying us properly and don’t intend to. With that said, thank God for good family and friends when it comes to food and whatever else they can help with.

– @samanthabaldio

Mi start do fasting regular so mi can cut back pon the food bill.

– @nahor.egdirdla

Not well at all, especially since the Government doesn’t see it fit to give public sector workers a decent increase to help us cushion these hikes in prices.

– @morrisonchristine185

Saving more and eating less. There’s no more eating when you’re hungry but eating when you’re starving and about to black out. Can’t waste the food unless it’s an emergency.

– @aob.exqui_sitedesignz

Drive 15 minutes to buy cheap gas.

– @cubbiecubby