Sun | Oct 17, 2021

Readers’ reactions” ZOSO police officers hunting for accommodation after High Command orders them out of Montego Bay guest house

Published:Tuesday | July 27, 2021 | 12:06 AM

Some 50 policemen assigned to the zone of special operations (ZOSO) in St James were, up to last Saturday, scampering to find accommodation – some in the very communities they have raided and engaged criminals in gun battles. Here are some readers’ reactions via The Gleaner’s social media pages:


“Why do we always disrespect the police? Didn’t they build new, shiny barracks for the soldiers in Montego Bay? Why can’t they do the same for the police? This is a disgrace and a disservice. BTW, this ZOSO ain’t worth it, the overhead too high.”

– @happy_jamaican

“This is a follyand a disgrace. The Gov’t sent JCF a ZOSO area without giving a thought on their accommodation. It’s typical of this Gov’t; there is no direction and forward planning on any matter. It’s time the public has a say via the ballot box on their tenancy in Gordon House.”

– @Anthony66372214

“They need to strike and teach a lesson, I don’t know who will learn though. Sick.”

– @Michell95763355

“Mr Commissioner, why you put the cart before the horse? Stop stressing out the people dem pickney. Keep safe, officers!”

– @SimpsonAnnette6


“Well, if I were the officers and got evicted on an assignment, instead of jeopardising my life, I would head back home. The organisers of this ZOSO or SOSO must show due regard and respect to the police officers they have assigned to carry out these duties. How do you think an officer can fully focus when they don’t know where they will rest at the end of their shift? And this will compromise their safety. Good Lord, they are human beings too, with families to take care of. The job is already high-risk, so why this level of ill treatment to make a bad situation worse? Put them up in hotels.”

– Sharon C Chen


“This a straight carelessness, enuh. We need to protect the security forces at all costs. The joke is that if it was ever a man who did that to a woman, you wouldn’t hear the end of it.”

– @sweetnesscavel

“This deserves 50 resignations.”

– @markland876

“Mi read dis nuff time ah cyah understand. So the Government sen dem go risk dem life one more time back in the community weh dem raid; dis is suicidal.”

– @uptop_claudia

“This nuh mek sense, aren’t these policemen somebody’s husband, father or children? Come on, this is like sending your men into battle unarmed, KMT ... real slackness.”

– @dicotadavidson

“I will never like this Government. They take everybody who work for them as puppet, the police, the soldiers, the nurses and teachers; and these workers are not even getting enough pay to compensate for their discomforts.”

– @jabari_001

“The real foot soldiers not getting any protection, while MPs, commissioner and PM well protected by security.”

– @saphiresteam