Tue | Sep 28, 2021

Readers’ Feedback | Take the vaccine

Published:Thursday | July 29, 2021 | 12:06 AM

Below are our readers’ feedback to our story titled ‘Teacher vax rebellion looms’ published in The Gleaner yesterday.

“He should mandate that teachers, police and healthcare professionals be vaccinated. If not, they should be tested daily at their expense.”

- @deeporter_white

“When did it stop being OK to be vaccinated in Jamaica? I still remember presenting that pink card all through school, or lining up in school to get vaccines.”

- @JahfaveN

“The PM would never make such pronouncement if he has the children’s best interest at heart! Hypocrisy!”

- @csteads

“A city that is divided against itself cannot stand. This will sow division. People have a right to choose what is placed in their bodies. Let us not play God. He is not mocked.”

- @SimoneYDoctor

“They should either get vaccinated or pay for the PCR test weekly.”

- @gwehnuhman25

“We Jamaica need teachers to want to help our kids catch up. Tired of the selfish behaviour.”

- @davejackcity

“I have no issue with the vaccine. However, I have a big issue with the waiver I am to sign which prevents me from seeking recourse if any medical complications occur, resulting from that vaccine. Try come again, because this initiative is disrespectful!”

- Jew Will

“I don’t see how the students will benefit from the teachers taking the vaccine. The vaccinated teachers can still transmit the virus if they get the virus. The students will not be protected in any way from the virus if the teachers are vaccinated. How does forcing it make sense when only the teachers might benefit?”

- Judith James

“Imagine having 1,500 students in a school and 70 teachers. If the 70 teachers should take the vaccine, would it automatically create a shield for those 1,500 students against COVID? Teachers are really magicians!”

- Syanae Lawrence

“You would think that teachers would be smart enough to get vaccinated – they should be leading the way!”

- Keith Milne

“That is expected, especially since Jamaica does not have enough vaccines for every teacher. That was an unwise decision by the Government to say every teacher must be vaccinated or face discrimination.”

- Leonie O’Meally

“This is shaping up into interesting days ahead in Jamaica. We reap what we sow.” - Paulette Stephenson

“Everyone wants things to get back to normal, but don’t want to do what’s right for it to be so. Children need to be in the classroom for school, not at home.” - Debbie Gray

“While I understand what’s being said, I believe there has to be a balance somewhere.” - Zane Williams