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Readers’ reactions – The police must apologise

Published:Saturday | July 31, 2021 | 12:08 AM

Beyond the question of whether the indecent-language law could survive a constitutional challenge, the Shaquille Higgins issue raises serious concerns about an apparent malicious abuse of power by the police and their dissembling to cover their tracks. Here are some readers’ reactions via The Gleaner’s social media pages:


I’m not condoning the actions of Shaquille Higgins but what he said happens in #Jamaica every day. On the streets, in the home and at sporting events. Should all those people be arrested? Isn’t Anju just another Jamaican? Are there going to be mass arrests for badwud cussing? – @MikeyD15

In my honest opinion, there are 2 issues here. 1 - should there be consequences for the actions of Mr Higgins? Is that kind of behaviour to be permitted or not permitted? 2 - Did the police behave unethically or abuse their power in apprehending him and in their actions which followed. – @Zemi66

We must balance free speech and common decency. I don’t want to see free speech abused in order to allow people to be vulgar. – @Bo4Real2


I’m very happy for this test to come of the Charter of Rights and it’s clear now who the police is serving and protecting – Monair Benjamin

The police did not abuse their power. That young man needed to be instructed on what constitutes appropriate behaviour and, by instructing him to apologise, the police were carrying out their responsibilities to serve, protect and reassure. Where his family failed, the police stepped in. It is never too late for a shower of rain, and he obviously needs to be taught brought-upsy. – Sriya Yulissa


Dem quick fi find anybody weh diss Anju and still can’t find Jasmine Deen. – @niknik_evabless

In a free and democratic country, one should be allowed to give his views on the government however distasteful they might be! So long as you are not threatening the life of another! – @just.jackson32

Sue the government and the JCF, bright!!! Like people can’t talk again , every prime minister get them diss. So why every time someone says something about this one they get targeted by the police immediately. Dictatorship Anju dealing with man... – @mj_dean1993

No apology necessary. If an apology were to be seen as equity, then he who comes for equity must come with clean hands. – @shawcopeland

The prime minister set a mandate that nobody can disrespect him. So Police were just following orders in truth. – @reisdon95