Thu | Dec 9, 2021

The uninformed heads

Published:Saturday | July 31, 2021 | 12:05 AM


We are indeed living in perilous times. The advent of the novel coronavirus has given us so much to think about and so much to say, but we must always edify the public with the correct information.

It is also a fact that the wearing of masks can help curb the transmission of the virus, which I strongly encourage. The vaccine is another means to help curb the spread but to what end? Our beloved prime minister seem to want to head in the same direction of Antigua, making the vaccine mandatory, but will this really achieve the goal that they set forth?

According the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with the Delta strain of the virus, fully vaccinated people can easily spread COVID-19 similarly to the unvaccinated. Herein lies a problem. Another article from CDC also emphasises that the viral load in vaccinated people is also worrisome. This article also points to a breakthrough infection from these vaccinated individuals which, too, is causing confusion.

As good as it is to be vaccinated and also to recommend vaccination, it is also good to look at the field from both sides. CDC has reversed their stance on the lack of wearing of mask in public and indoor even when fully vaccinated as this new strain is easily transmissible, and there have been occurrences of infections even in fully vaccinated individuals.

Yes! Make the vaccines accessible, but do not tell us that the unvaccinated are the core of the spread of the virus only. The research and publications counteract your stance.


Lab Coordinator/Microbiologist

Northern Caribbean Univer sity