Thu | Oct 21, 2021

Excellent ‘Evening at King’s House’

Published:Thursday | August 5, 2021 | 12:27 AM


I must commend the organisers of the ‘Evening at King’s House’ for an outstanding production and line-up of performances. We have a brilliant culture which should be celebrated 24/7. The executive producer, Babsy Grange, minister of culture, gender, women and sport, should be commended, along with Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and the technical team who put this together. Grange is among the finest when it comes to talent management and production. The scenery at King’s House, outside and indoors, captured a variety of beautiful backdrops to complement the performances.

The only criticism I have was that the small group of attendees during some performances were all women affiliated with one political party (besides Lady Allen, who played host). It would’ve been much better to see a more diverse group, including representatives of the Opposition, a few well-known personalities, and also some men. It is important to show unity and diversity at national events with a celebratory theme. The messaging of anti-gender violence and COVID protocols featured prominently between performances; imagine the significance seeing a few gentlemen complementing the women in attendance.

The pandemic has forced us to be more creative in how we think about and do things. Virtual events have become the norm and will continue to be another option for communication. They are less costly and easier to produce, and can reach a wider audience over multiple platforms. We need more cultural events like this throughout the year. Culture unifies as it educates, it relaxes, de-stresses, demystifies, and helps us to instil a sense of national pride. I’ve always maintained that culture (like sports) is a tool that can be used to help to combat many difficult social problems in our society, such as crime.