Mon | Sep 27, 2021

Vaccinate to keep everyone safe

Published:Monday | September 13, 2021 | 12:07 AM


Will the Gordon Shirley COVID-19 task force address the challenge of possible mandatory COVID-19 vaccination? Similar situations have long existed for our schoolchildren with other vaccinations, without the public outcry. In fact, possibly just the opposite since several deadly communicable diseases have been eliminated from Jamaica as a result.

I feel that those who say they want to wait before taking the COVID-19 vaccine because it was developed too fast, or is too new, are quite selfish, allowing others to be guinea pigs before them. The real heroes are those who were willing to take part in initial trials. Of course, all vaccines have a slight risk but it is thousands of times less than the risk of contracting and then suffering from the various diseases.

I also wonder how in good conscience those who refuse to be vaccinated, and even those who are hesitant, can show up at hospital when they get sick and expect free treatment. Not to mention the exhaustion of our medical professionals and postponement of treatment for others who don’t have COVID-19. It has been proven that most of the hospitalised are unvaccinated, and that the unvaccinated are more effective spreaders of the disease.

I am NOT for people being forced to take the jab, but the moral (and practical) argument remains, as does the likely need that the unvaccinated will have to face some restrictions. Their rights are surely no more important than those who would like to keep their communities as safe as possible.