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Portmore deserves to be a parish

Published:Tuesday | September 14, 2021 | 12:06 AM
Aerial view of sections of Portmore.
Aerial view of sections of Portmore.


I have lived in Portmore from 1994 and spent a great portion of my life here. Portmore is a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family, and to do business. I am a proud citizen of this illustrious place called Portmore and wouldn’t choose another place to live. Though there may be challenges which confront us on a daily basis, there is no difficulty that we can address and overcome; we need to look beyond our differences, politically and otherwise. Certainly, we are a warm and friendly people with true Jamaican ideals. We love Portmore as a people – which stretches from Waterford to the warm, sunny beaches in Hellshire.

Because we can now almost declare ourselves the 15th parish of Jamaica, I must commend Dr Andrew Wheatley and Desmond McKenzie for the great job they have done to create the path to make Portmore a well-deserved parish. We are more than a municipality; we can make our own decisions without the intervention of the St Catherine Municipal Corporation.

There have been a lot of developments and improvements – especially in the area of transportation. Water is now our major concern, along with job creation for the young professionals. We also need to unite to address the issue of crime and violence and ensure the safety of our communities. We also need a hospital in Portmore. We have a lot of potential and a number of well-qualified people who can make Portmore a successful parish.

We will have to work assiduously to advance our cause as people desirous of success for Portmore.