Wed | Oct 20, 2021

Electricity bill hike going to roast customers

Published:Saturday | September 18, 2021 | 12:05 AM


Consumers can start seeing an additional 1.4 per cent increase in their electricity bills starting in October. JPS earlier applied to the Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR) for a 3.4 per cent average overall increase, but the OUR gave the green light to an average overall increase of two per cent that was implemented in February 2021, when it was reported that the rate categories would vary based on consumption. This would remain in effect for the next five years.

Fast-forward to September, the increased rates from February amounted to two per cent and the recently approved increase of 1.4 per cent is equivalent to the 3.4 per cent. These said increases are most notably a reaction due to inflation and the importation of fuel. The independent power producers (IPP) in the form of solar, wind and hydraulic energy, which are useful substitutes for imported fuel, should have at least aid in the reduction of our electricity bills. This can be done especially for those communities near these energy sites, but instead, we are seeing an increase of approximately 3.4 per cent, which was applied for by JPS initially. As a matter of fact, JPS consumers have been consistently denied the benefits of rate reduction from the input of these IPPs, which is an indication of an oppressive and explosive structure feeding off the people.

At this point, we as consumers are overcooked crabs in a pot, seasoned and ready to be eaten as these actions further prove that these corporations act upon our short nine-day attention span when it comes on to these issues.


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