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COVID-19 conspiracy theories need to stop

Published:Monday | September 27, 2021 | 12:06 AM
A group of antivaxxers protest at St William Grant Park in downtown Kingston.
A group of antivaxxers protest at St William Grant Park in downtown Kingston.


Conspiracy theorists are from one extreme to another. First, it was that COVID-19 was not real; then when people started to die and it was at their doorsteps, they stopped.

Then it was that a wearing mask does not stop you from getting COVID-19; but when it was proved that masks help, the conspiracy theorists then started to rebel about the lockdowns all over the world.

Then came the vaccine, and they started all sorts of rumours about it. It has now been proven that being vaccinated minimises significantly the possibility of people being hospitalised or dying if they get COVID-19. Now, it’s not so much about the vaccine again but about people’s rights if vaccine mandates are instituted .

These people have been selfish from the start and, funny enough, a lot of them have caught the virus and have suffered. Yet, they have been taking up space and also pressuring the health system all over the world.

These people will soon come with another conspiracy theory about the virus and all that. These are the people that have caused our countries to be lagging behind in controlling COVID-19 and taking so long to be back to some sort of normality.

I am no scientist, but I think COVID-19 will be around for sometime. How disciplined or undisciplined we are in terms of protecting ourselves and our families will make the difference. Our fate is in our hands.

The conspiracy theorists keep moving the goalpost every time to fit their narrative, which makes me ask if they are downright dumb or lost their mind. Everyone is affected by the virus, but how we approach the situation has been making the difference.

These people need to ask themselves if they have been contributing to the spread or have they been contributing to the decreasing of the spread. You’re either helping to kill people or you are responsible for your actions.

Time to start taking responsibility for our actions and stop pointing fingers.


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