Tue | Oct 19, 2021

Letter of the Day | Mandatory vaccination should not be implemented

Published:Tuesday | September 28, 2021 | 12:06 AM


The Jamaican Government has not (yet) passed a law regarding the mandatory vaccination for the citizens of Jamaica; however, we can definitely see the subtle approaches that are taken by some employers to have their workers vaccinated. I am sure some of us must have heard by now that some business places are trying to make vaccines mandatory as part of their workplace policies.

I believe this should not be the case, because many people are just concerned about these vaccines and want an answer. Some of the most pressing issues are not being acknowledged by the Government, and this leaves some people at a crossroad. First, many of us have seen videos circulating on social media with doctors and scientists telling people that it is not a good idea to take the vaccines. Remember, these people are experts in the medical field who have been doing their research on the virus and the vaccines, and they have first-hand experience and information.

The people want to know why some of those videos are being retracted from the Internet?

We must take into consideration that people work to live. People work so that they can obtain the necessary resources to be a functional member of society and to have a good lifestyle. If this becomes mandatory, it can even bring stress to some individuals, because they are in fear of taking the vaccine and afraid of losing their only source of income. We do not have to second guess what will start happening; this will definitely cause a big uproar.

The people want the Government to stop overlooking these pressing issues, so that at least they can make an informed decision about their next move. In addition, we should think about the ripple effect the mandatory vaccination in workplaces will have, not just on the citizens themselves, but on the country’s economy by extension. I highly suggest that the Government should start being 100 per cent transparent with matters regarding these vaccines and start addressing the genuine concerns of the citizens. Until then, they will leave more room for doubt and uncertainty and are left with a group of uncooperative people.


Northern Caribbean University