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Readers’ reactions – Eyes on Holness: PM pressed to declare whether Vaz fit after US flags visa

Published:Tuesday | September 28, 2021 | 12:07 AM

Prime Minister Andrew Holness faces mounting pressure to declare whether Science, Energy and Technology Minister Daryl Vaz retains his confidence to represent the Jamaican Government because of a controversial annotation relating to substance trafficking on the politician’s United States visa. Here are some readers’ reactions sourced from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages of The Gleaner.

Not a pressure. We have you back PM and DV

– @Dreamz31

So this was a thing? Hmmm.

– @faithwillja

What kind of slackness is this I’m reading. If it’s anything like that, they all need to come clean. Just saying.

– Angela Gardner-Patterson

Jamaica has so many people other than the Vaz visa problem that is the least of many problems Jamaica is facing.

– Carlene Hosang

Why USA is important in our political decisions? We don’t need their stamp of approval.

– Carlene Canady

If the US government clearly stated they were wrong? What’s the big deal?

– Dodie Gordon

Lol. Poor PM. If it isn’t one headache it’s another.

– Robert Armstrong

Well I have not heard of him being charged or being on a list to be extradited! So let’s wait on the big master of time. It will tell everything!

– Anthony Forrest

Nothing will come out of this

– Don Dre

As Jamaicans we live fi please American too much.

– @_e.a.s.t.s.i.d.e_

Didn’t he get back the visa though?

– @timothyjroper

A wen unnu aguh leggo Daryl shirt.

– @its_g_bish

He should resign.

– @therealmaninamillion

Allegations deemed not factual! Nothing else needs to be said.

– @sisujamaica

I think some of y’all missed the part about substance trafficking. Which is the reason his visa got flagged? Politicians name no fi a call inna trafficking unless a put them a put plans in place fi stop it.

– @thick_n_thighed

Please do not use something as asinine as the revocation of a visa to hang that man.

– @beauxjeffrys33

If Green can get a chance, then why not.

– @vanessa.sinclair.3591

I think we can move past this now. Let’s talk about how inefficient the minister of security is and how terribly misguided the priorities of our PM are. They both should resign.

– @willryanwilson

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and then there’s the process of appeal.

– Alvin Stewart

Compiled by Khanique McDaniel