Sun | Oct 24, 2021

Remaining used cars for police at the wharf

Published:Tuesday | October 12, 2021 | 12:06 AM


Our client, O’Brien’s International Car Sales and Rentals Limited, was mentioned in an article in The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper of Wednesday, October 6, 2021, headlined ‘Police used car saga still unresolved’, to which we would like to respond.

The only vehicles which remain outstanding to be delivered to the Government are Fifty 2012-2014 Toyota Axio motorcars, which were in fact successfully imported by our client and remain at the Kingston Wharves.

O’Brien’s International Car Sales and Rentals have secured the motor vehicles, along with the bill of lading for all 50 motor cars, and are still awaiting the settlement agreement from the permanent secretary in order for the company’s financial institution to approve funds for the clearing of said motor vehicles.

On May 17, 2021, our offices hand-delivered a letter setting out our client’s position, dated May 17, 2021, addressed to the permanent secretary of the Ministry of National Security. To date, said letter has not been responded to and we would appreciate a response to said letter.

This letter indicated that our client was requesting a renewal of ‘The Settlement Agreement’ between themselves and the Government of Jamaica, acting through the Ministry of Justice. Our client had indicated that the current one has expired and that the company would like a renewal of the agreement and proposed amendments, which would allow for the vehicles to be delivered in a timely manner. However, unfortunately, the letter was not responded to, therefore stalling the whole procedure relating to the outstanding 50 Toyota Axio motor cars, which are at the Kingston Wharf awaiting clearance upon the ministry’s approval.


Our client has been diligent in obtaining the motor vehicles. The lack of receipt of a response to his letter seeking the settlement agreement has, unfortunately, resulted in delaying the timely clearance and delivery of the motor vehicles.

Our client has incurred hefty storage fees for the length of time the vehicles have remained on the wharf, which to date amounted to J$10 million. Due to the vehicles still remaining ‘uncleared’, these exorbitant storage fees have begun accruing again, thereby contributing to our client’s significant financial losses.

It is our fervent expectation that the office of the permanent secretary will now respond to the overdue request and we look forward to hearing from them in short order, thereby allowing for the clearance and handing over of the vehicles to the police through the Ministry of National Security.