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Should the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory?

Published:Thursday | October 14, 2021 | 12:08 AM

With Jamaica having one of the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the Caribbean, we asked our followers if they believe the Government should make the jab mandatory.

It should be required for entering all government buildings and public schools. All civil servants should be vaccinated or take unpaid leave.

– @JohnABullock

No! No gov’t nuh own anyone body.

– Wayne Thompson

Yes, during a pandemic, the government has the right to make decisions on matters that affect the entire population.

– Tasha Williams

No, people should have choices. Even Jesus gives us choices.

– Paulette Stephenson

Yes, so we can get back to some normality.

– @miguelyardie

Shouldn’t be. My body, my choice.

– mzglamchica

There has to be some freedom of choice. People who work in certain professions should be strongly encouraged but ultimately it should be a matter of choice.

– @derealdeal2017

I for one don’t think that it should be mandatory.

– @khing_semaj959

Mandatory for tourism as well.

– @sharon.robinson.7161

Fi why? Nobody a force ntn pon Mr. Holness? My body, my choice. Simple as dhat.

– @_mlegacy

Absolutely not! Let each individual choose for his or her self.

– @rimonde_aprile_

All who took the vaccine saying yes cause they want company. Not that they have actual reasons. Just the company.

– @salexks

One. Mi tired fi see this… 2. This shouldn’t even up for discussion because there’s no way the vaccine should be mandatory.

– @iam_drayy

If u take the jab n ur safe y u concern on who does not want to?

– @garrishagardener

Nope. Ppl have a right to say no to things they are not comfortable with!

– @kadialaw

If God designed human with free choice who is man to change that?

– @leeeanna5

You can lead the horse to water, you can’t mek him drink.

– @firstladyanette

Mandatory no ... But give people some time to get vaccinated who wants to get vaccinated then open back the country and operate as normal. If a dirt, a dirt. We can’t continue to hold people hostage due to what will be a disease that will become endemic.

– @rocks_and_hails