Fri | Dec 3, 2021

Mandatory sixth form a great opportunity

Published:Tuesday | October 19, 2021 | 12:06 AM


I am a student of St Andrew High School for Girls. My reason for writing is to speak on the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information’s recent decision on making sixth form mandatory. I see that people’s views vary on this trending topic on the social media platforms.

From my standpoint, for the students in Jamaica, sixth form may be a beneficial opportunity to have a chance at higher education in their chosen field, for if they don’t qualify, programmes will be put in place for them. It also provides them with new experiences and a higher probability of being chosen by institutions because of their Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination- (CAPE) level qualification.

But even with the benefits of mandatory sixth form as outlined above, one ought to also look at the disadvantages. It prohibits those who wish to enter university right after fifth form from doing so, making a mess of their plans.

It also does not prohibit the required payments we have to make, and not everyone has the money. However, sixth form becoming mandatory makes it a part of regular schooling and should minimise the high cost.

Other than the cost, the drawbacks of sixth form being mandatory would not outweigh the benefits.