Thu | Jan 20, 2022

How many more cults are operating in Jamaica?

Published:Thursday | October 21, 2021 | 12:05 AM


The event which unfolded at the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in St James over the weekend is spine-chilling for more than one reason. Three lives were lost, and the probability is that many more lives could have been lost if the police had not intervened.

Religious fanaticism is not a new phenomenon. Just about every society has borne the scar of this ideological venom.

However, what some of us are finding to be irreconcilable is how do people become so easily susceptible to obviously false and dangerous doctrines in this day and age. The fact that Pathways Ministries sees itself as a Christian organisation forces us to question if Christianity has any clearly defined perimeters. For certainly, reports of human sacrifice that took place at the location (that place cannot be called a church) is not just in contravention of holy scriptures, but is repugnant to the teachings of the church of Jesus Christ.

Clearly, the bizarre happenings at the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries have shocked many people. We are unable to comprehend how something like this could happen at a ‘house of God’. But for those who have been observing the egregious excesses with which modern Christianity has come to be defined, the writing was always on the wall. Many practices and doctrines in Christianity today are copied from heathen and mythological/mystical persuasions, and are as foreign to biblical teachings as oil is to water.

A major cause of this flagrant disregard for orthodoxy is the stiff competition in which churches are now engaged. To win new members, so-called preachers who are without theological or pastoral abilities are concocting magical potions which have the effects of opium.

But given the rise of these questionable religious organisations in Jamaica over the past two decades, one would expect to see some amount of scrutiny of these suspicious groups from mainstream Christian leaders. Sadly, the only response we get from mainstream church leaders is – live and let others live.