Thu | Jan 20, 2022

Talkback Thursday

Published:Thursday | October 21, 2021 | 12:05 AM

Double Olympic sprint champion Elaine Thompson Herah has announced a split from the Stephen Francis-led MVP Track Club. We asked The Gleaner’s social media followers their thoughts on Thompson Herah training independently. Responses sourced from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“I say do what’s best for you @FastElaine.’ – @everunavailable

“She is not credible. She came out a few weeks ago and denied it.” – @Angelaw75422537

“She’s a grown woman, she can make her own decision.” – Marcia Marley

“At the end of this whole journey, it is the character of the person that was built up that is on show. You endured it all and then when you get it, you turn your back on who brought you there? I am positive that Bolt wanted to leave his coach several times, but the person he is made him stick to his coach to this day. He is loyal, even to his friends. Hasn’t Frances’ personality or method of training been consistent? This isn’t about money for Francis, who believes he would suffer immensely without Elaine? Ha! Not so. The character of the person is on display here. Just look how shaky her pronouncements to her fans were? Oh please! I know other athletes, who are now ‘independent’, have not experienced the success they had when training with Frances. I wish Elaine all the best in her career and choices.” – Carol Marie Charles

“Shelly-Ann left and then ran the fastest time of her life. But Melanie Walker left and was never seen on the world stage again. So hope it works out for her tho.” – @ms.monroe_to_you

She needs to be careful and be sure of what she is doing, because she was doing so well at MVP. She was running world records, won three golds and ran an Olympic record, and came very close to breaking Flo Jo’s records. I hope she is going forward not backwards; and will be doing better, not worse; and be able to break the world record.” – @ds_creations

Not my business but she didn’t have to deny. – @simplysharls

Fi har business, we wish her the best in everything she does. – @pen.ny.fp

Her life her business. She chooses what she decides to do with herself and myself is not concerned because herself money don’t pay my bills. – @dsweet1984

My thoughts are that my bank account doesn’t allow me to have an opinion on this. – @swagtvfilmz

If it works for her then great. Hopefully, it will and she will burn up the track next season. – @unrulygrandad

I pray she’s making the right decision. – @antoinettesang

Paris will be the hit or miss factor . - @iamkantonette

She reach, she ain’t got nothing to worry about. Unlike me now weh have only one week bus fare for the rest of the month would affi tan. –

Her business, not the entire world, it’s up to each individual to do whatever makes them happy in life and not to look for validation from no one. Not like it’s affecting anyone wherever or whoever she trains with – @missthroughsingh

She should have just admitted. You leaving yuh leaving simply nobody nuh tie yuh – @uptop_claudia

Elaine owes us nothing; we are a fickle people. I respect her decision. She knows what she’s going through and it’s her life. She’s a grown woman not a child. – @ tylier2