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Readers’ reactions – Bath children frozen with fear as abduction suspect still on the run

Published:Saturday | October 30, 2021 | 12:06 AM

Despite the rescue of two girls abducted days apart in the usually tranquil community of Bath, St Thomas, children have been haunted as the manhunt for the suspect, Davian Bryan, has come up empty. Here are some readers’ reactions via The Gleaner’s social media pages:


It takes a village to raise a child, so now is the time for villages around Jamaica to go back to the old days of looking out for one another’s children, where people watch out not only for their children but others as well. Too many people have no idea who lives and works in their districts.

– Paulette Jackson

The capture and killing of an innocent man by exuberant and violence-hungry people of St Thomas has frozen the efforts to capture the real culprit. The effort that was started by the villagers to capture Davian Bryan has gone cold and completely dead. These efforts require proper organisation and planning. Not just a bunch of thugs running up and down with cutlasses and knives, doing their own thing.

– Audley Phillip

Never leave your children unsupervised ever! Go with them or send them in groups with an older teen! Drive them, walk and pick them up! How hard is it? 30 years ago, I visited Jamaica and I was never alone, always with someone but small children were alone everywhere I went and I thought it was odd.

– Vanessa McInnis

I fail to understand why he’s so slippery. The only good that I see in this is that parents will be more protective of their children as our minors are too free to go about their daily lives unprotected.

– Maureen McLeod

Such a pity these children have to live in fear! So sad that Davian Bryan still cannot be caught yet he has been in contact with his family and anyone can see they ARE his source of info! Also Davian KNOWS the mountains! When Winshae was found y’all didn’t hear one man say that Davian was heading to John Crow Mountains? Y’all think he’s going to stay on the flat? Where are the helicopters and drones?

– Jacqueline Miller

Start pressure him family, dem know where he is! Dem carry food and supplies guh gi him.

– Marcia Walton


Was wondering if Jamaica forgot all about him.

– jackdennisproduction

Because he has his sympathisers who are helping to hide him. He has to eat, so who is giving him food? Did not the police find clean clothes nearly placed somewhere in the woodlands? Listen, we aren’t fools. He is being hidden from the police. I hope the security forces monitor his family very well. After his mother’s reception, anything is possible.

– lantonio_monteking

Every child in that area will definitely be fearful. I remember a little boy was raped at age 8. He was going to school and he was raped and thrown into the bushes. I was very fearful for years. Sadly, this young man killed himself when he was 25. Throughout his life, he was teased. He was called a *%$$# man when he was playing football. He was not given mental help to deal with what he went through, and the children who teased him were not taught love. My heart breaks for him and every child that was raped. The Government needs to do better. – sunshine_dance

Very strange that the police can’t seem to find this man. It also seems as if they have scaled down the manhunt operations. – charlene.simpson94

– Compiled by Sandena James