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Readers’ reactions

Published:Tuesday | November 9, 2021 | 12:07 AM

Prophecy, or conspiracy? – ‘Cops probe late bishop’s link to gangster’s death after church leader foretold of his demise’. Here are some readers’ reactions to this news story, sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

“His Excellency lives on. I don’t even want to gear up to find out what darknesses representing him out there. Gosh.”

– @Wilmot2Marie

“Unno member one time dem use to tell we, if we swallow chewing gum it a go tie up we tripe? Well, these episodes of His Excellency a go tangle up we brain. Outa it and Klansman episode, me nuh know which one a go mad we faster, but nightmares a kill me. Whey night me dream dem give me raw ackee to eat on the ark. This is not good for us, I tell you. Too many questions now, and ‘missing persons’ mysteries come to the fore. God help we.”

– Camille Henderson

“Well, let’s see where this goes, I am aware of gifted church leaders who do prophecy. Will they also be the subject of investigations? A lot of gangsters attend fasting services to get a word on their future, some make the deal and repent, while others go off into the sunset.”

– @YRialb

“Were y’all not warned that there was much more to this controversial bishop’s story? Were investigative journalists not encouraged to dig much deeper? Well, fasten your seat belts, ‘cause you are going to be in for much turbulence in these days of revelation ahead! Buckle up!”

– @Zemi66

“You know, mi a go wrap up me phone in a foil paper and put it away until this Kevin Smith story is over and done with.”

– Natalie Barbara Lovelace Barnes

“Suh police start solve duppy story now? Di accused dead and di victim dead, suh wah dem ah investigate seh?”

– Javi Fortis Superb

“This yah jamaicaflix series yah just keep on going like the Energizer battery.”

– Krystal K L Spence

“But this is more than nine-day wonder. Look him turn legend.”

– Louis Sograteful Granston

“Why we wasting time?”

– @mark_izeda_barnett

“All this a waste a time, KMT.”

– @shortii_avante

“How do I stop paying tax? Asking for a friend.”

– @nevmya

“Man. how many ways are there for a gangster to die? Especially in Jamaica. Play the odds.”

– @mr_skins22

“The Jamaican people deserve to know the depth of this man evil empire.”

– @brerry4

“Yes Lord. Open up and reveal all the things that occurred. Too long this was going on. What hide in dark will come to light. Too many now. There comes a time when things have to come to an end.”

– @dkirlew66

“While you are at it JCF, who was driving the car that hit police vehicle?” – @lake_man1983

“Kevin really left something. ‘Cause from the October 17 till now, a pure new hearsay a pop up ‘bout him. People right fi a say him nu dead. Look like he can only be when all his dirty laundry is aired. So them fi just hurry up. So we can move on. More things out de fi investigate and highlight as well.” – @roxyanrose

Compiled by Khanique McDaniel