Sat | Nov 27, 2021

Burnout madness during curfew hours

Published:Saturday | November 20, 2021 | 12:05 AM


The smell of burnt rubber permeated the otherwise fresh night air for up to 15 minutes after fast cars performed what was a daring, mind-boggling and death-defying burnout. This was on Constant Spring Road in the vicinity of the Oaklands Apartment Complex, on Sunday, November 14, 2021. Interestingly, this happened around 10 p.m., two hours after the official start of the nightly curfew.

The mighty roar of the powerful engines and screeching of tyres could be heard incessantly for what seemed like minutes. Perplexed residents along that section of Constant Spring Road were left in a daze because it was never made official that a newly installed racetrack was in the neighbourhood. The surprise eye-opener left me to wonder whether the mindless drivers have any respect for law and order. Clearly, the threat of prosecution under the Disaster Risk Management Act, and the Noise Abatement Act, has done little to deter this type of decadent behaviour.

If the Government is serious about bringing back some level of order on our roads, acts like performing a burnout on a public thoroughfare should attract severe penalties. Until then, the nightly roaring of loud and obnoxious modified cars and bikes that intentionally backfire like a volley of bullets will continue to be a nuisance to those of us who yearn for some peace and quiet, especially during curfew hours.