Mon | Jan 17, 2022

Endangered kind of kind people

Published:Tuesday | November 23, 2021 | 12:05 AM


“Kindness is a wicked thing,” I remember saying as I watched the death of player number 199 in Squid Games. He had been robbed by someone who was once “kind” to him. How many times have our kindnesses been taken for granted? I fell easily into the trap of thinking that I am one of those kind of people who would never take advantage of someone, then I did. I exploited their kindness for my own self-preservation.

I am not truly kind for how many times have I whispered coyly, “You don’t love me”, to people who never articulated it in my preferred love language? How many times did I silently scream at those “wicked people” and prayed that God exposed them yet pointed fingers when I had to give an account for my own actions. Notwithstanding, all of us have been dealt with unkindly, but too much sugar spoil any tea.

In media, kind people normally look like me, sound like me and even share common interests. I know this because most people have always typed me as “kind”, to which the Evelynn smirks. I am just as real as the Viceroy in the presence of the Monarch butterflies. I have adapted to survival because kind people always seem to live longer, they always seem to win, even if last. I am no Lepidoptera that I admire, I moult. However, we all can choose to be truly kind.

The truly kind people in my life were not always “kind” to me. As an ENFJ (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging personality), I will always need time alone to fully process that. The truly kind people in my life had nothing to prove or gain, they simply are kind; but even they can choose not to remain “kind”. Kindness has no patterned act or set face, because it can sometimes be seen in those friends who cut us off because we are the deceitful and manipulative kind. It can sometimes be seen in the men of this world who I mistake for being toxic but still offer to carry me home, one said “yuh can hol on pan me shirt” while riding his bike slowly. It’s sometimes those colleagues who correct your mistakes quietly. It’s sometimes “sinner” who watch you from afar and in their hearts pray kind prayers for you. It can sometimes be seen in those violently loud people who seek justice because Levi Chambers and Dwayne Jones are still Homosapiens. It’s sometimes those introverts who are truly content with being alone but still check in with you. It’s those kind people who have kept your secret, but then we silence or kill them because we fear they’ll expose us when we’re in bad standing with them.

It’s those people who tell you the uncomfortable truth with a stern face but have “wavering hidden behind that mask”. It can sometimes be those strangers you never see again who paid your fare. I can never tell you what true kindness is but I can tell you what it is not. It’s not quickly discerned and, in a time like this where hurt is a hurricane, I pray we’ll find, protect and appreciate those truly kind people, however they appear. Without these truly kind people, our ecosystem will be imbalanced but even the pests in society have their important roles to play.

To the truly endangered kind of kind people, may you never stop being truly kind, ‘cause your small acts of true kindness have moved mountains for future scholars. Thank you for inspiring me to be kind-er.