Mon | Jan 17, 2022

Government should urgently address JCF concerns

Published:Saturday | November 27, 2021 | 12:06 AM


The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is the agency of government that enforces the law of the land. They also contribute immensely to government revenues, amounting to millions of dollars every year through court fines and seizure of assets. Despite this, they are treated with scant regard and rewarded with inadequate remuneration for their service.

Further, to make their situation even worse, in the present salary negotiations, the Government is offering them a four per cent increase on their measly salary and expects them to function at full throttle. This situation is unreasonable and untenable, and the Government needs to rethink its strategy or risk losing members, which they can least afford at this time.

The problems that are plaguing the police force, such as poor working conditions, remuneration, among others, did not happen overnight. Successive governments from either of the two political parties have had to deal with these issues and none have adequately addressed the concerns of the members.

Instead, the approach we have seen is piecemeal and does not fix the fundamental problems. If indeed the Government had the JCF as a priority, it should not be the case that force members have to purchase their uniforms, work under poor conditions, and long hours without reasonable remuneration.

It is imperative that Government urgently address the concerns raised by the JCF Federation. I expect nothing less.


Greater Portmore, St.