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Readers’ Reactions – Montague mulls time in politics

Published:Monday | November 29, 2021 | 12:06 AM
Robert Montague
Robert Montague

With another storm gathering in the Ministry of Transport and Mining he now heads, Robert Montague is placing his political future in the hands of his St Mary Western constituents. Here are some readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner Online.

Montague should remain in St Mary at best, but it is very clear that he should step aside from the Cabinet and executive of the party. There is so much smoke that I can barely see my hand, much less his. The PM keeps him around to his detriment. Not every good party man should be part of the government.


Take-away: If the people of his St Mary Western constituency have no issues or are unaware of his abysmal performance as a minister, and re-elects him, the rest of Jamaica must accept him. What does that really say about the people? Sad situation indeed. #TalkTheTruth. When the next election is called, all well-thinking Jamaicans must vote. While I do not have any issues with this gentleman, most MPs need to go. We can no longer leave the future of Jamaica in the hands of those that cannot see beyond the evening dinner.

– Marcus A Bogle

Do the sensible thing, resign as minister; remain as MP and party chair

– jeh kan

I can assure you that no one will miss him. He is in charge of two major ministries and so far nothing significant has changed. There has been no major transformations or any reforms within these ministries. The transportation sector, if reformed and modernised can create jobs, and change the people’s life. What legacy is he leaving behind if he leaves. There are lot of questions around him and who he chooses, and it seems it is happening in every ministry that he goes. It’s politicians like him who are holding this country back and have nothing new to offer, it’s just the same stale and failed ways that’s stifling the progress our nation. –

No time for the foolishness