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Talkback Thursday | Bob Marley is our hero

Published:Thursday | December 2, 2021 | 12:06 AM

On Tuesday, Barbados conferred the honour of national hero on music superstar and businesswoman Robyn Rihanna Fenty. It triggered calls for another hero to be named in Jamaica. We asked our followers who they think should be named.

“Have someone do what Robyn did for Barbados first.”

– @lorii.light

“Remove Bustamante and name Bob Marley.”

– @yardmanthing1

“We good. Let Barbados have them moment.”

– @monique_nia7

“Bob, Bolt or Kartel, three greatest of all time.”

– @cartyrohan

“Robert Nesta Marley. I’m sure there may be others, but that’s the only person who comes to mind right now.”

– @fitnestrain1

“Bob Marley. Whenever I’m out here in the world, as I mention Jamaica, Bob Marley name come up.”

– @vibesaddick

“Bob Marley or Miss Lou.”

– @andre__2311

“People have been saying for years. Bob Marley should be name a national hero; but now that Barbados FIRST us, it is only going to be seen as us following in their footstep (as per comment about us jumping on the wagon) if we bestow that honour now.”

– @vanassa50

“Yes, Aunty Donna.”

– @fancyfacekedz

“Yes, of course I think they should have nominated Bob Marley for the position from a long time, because he has done nothing but made Jamaica proud. He has shun light upon Jamaica time and time again, and even though he is deceased, his music is still influential to people!”

– @mxtthew_dxn

“One Bob Marley, Louise Bennett and Usain Bolt should have been national heroes long time. We operate like we cah move from the seven we have.”

– @deedielawless

“For once, give a living person.”

– khalilshatitude

“I believe Shaggy fits that description more than any other Jamaican artiste.”

– @baby_tash_pisces20

“Mi already nuh know who and who a hero, much less to add another.”

– @__sireclarke

“Let’s talk about taking off Bustamante first. Study your history and you will know why him should come off.”

– @kaye.wright.37

“If Rihanna can be national heroine, Bob Marley and Bolt should be, too.”

– @badboiigraii

“A hero is a person who has done something significant or meaningful for the country and it made an impact, to the point where the whole world recognises and agrees that it’s warrant for a change or must be used for a memorial for lifetime. Bob sang. Usain runs.” - @thee_neil_smith_fitness

“Will something change if they do? If not, let it be; we are good with what we have.” - @nikki_diva26