Tue | Jan 18, 2022

Who is national security adviser?

Published:Monday | January 10, 2022 | 12:06 AM

THE EDITOR, M adam :

National Security Advisor (NSA) was created in 2016 by Prime Minister Andrew Holness. Jamaica’s first national security adviser was former army chief now Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson.

Major General Anderson got the police commissioner job in March 2018 and we haven’t heard about his replacement as the NSA. So, my question, do we have a national security adviser? If the answer is no, then why is that so? If the answer is yes, then clearly, we need a new National Security Advisor. The job of the national security adviser is not only to give advice to the Prime Minister and the security minister, but to the public. We have several states of emergencies being declared from 2018, and I haven’t seen no national security adviser giving his or her reasons; we only hearing from the chief of defence staff and the police commissioner.

In January of 2019, Colonel Roderick Williams was appointed coordinator in the national security adviser office. Is it that Colonel Williams is the national security adviser, or he’s acting in that position? If we don’t have any, then current Chief of Defence Staff Lieutenant General Rocky Meade is the right man for the job.


Ocho Rios, St Ann