Sun | Jan 23, 2022

Letter of the Day | The youth are crying out for your help, Mr PM

Published:Wednesday | January 12, 2022 | 12:08 AM


I was a big supporter of Mr Andrew Holness during the previous election. I celebrated seeing the victory of a fellow young person.

Mr Holness showed willingness to serve the Jamaica people, especially the youth. We praised him and elevated him to the heavens. Now we are all suffering from the flames of poverty, student loans, call centre small salaries and corruption.

What went wrong, PM Holness? You neglected the middle- and lower-income classes, left to be hanged by the ‘state of Jam-poverty’. We are being burnt by the flames prematurely developed from student loans.

Mr Holness, you promised jobs for the youth, but all we have are low-paying call centre work. UWI and UTech students are now called ‘call centre students’.

And why is the Government under your leadership so corrupt, Mr PM?

So how do you redeem yourself with the youth, PM Holness? Simple. Cancel student loans, create a quota for youth employment across the public sector (40 per cent), and set up a council of young professionals to create programmes and recommendations to Parliament concerning young people being recruited by gangs. Give the Parliament six months to act on such recommendations.

I intentionally left out murders, housing, and Jesus. That’s for another day and mindset.

Please, Mr Holness, don’t ignore the plight of the youth.