Tue | Jan 25, 2022

Papine market area needs immediate fixing

Published:Wednesday | January 12, 2022 | 12:06 AM


That part of the road to the University Hospital of the West Indies next to the Papine Market in St Andrew is a major menace to both pedestrians and motorists. It needs IMMEDIATE fixing.

The roundabout at Papine, only 100 metres away, was patched on Monday, January 10, but this dangerous location was not touched. Probably it requires much more than a patch.

The source of the problem is water leaking on to the road either from inside the market or from the adjoining garbage depot. Some effort, last year or late 2020, went into fixing the garbage problem. But it has not worked despite the weekly cleaning effort of one tough and faithful barefoot gentleman, an extraordinary continuous feat (too much so for punning).

As a sure attraction for rats and cause of diseases, this depot is calling out for urgent remedy. Regular and frequent collection by garbage trucks may not be the chief solution.

I have high regard, Mr Audley Gordon, for your sterling work at the National Solid Waste Management Authority; is this a case for your attention? As well as that of the member of parliament and councillor? Jointly, perhaps.

The source of the water that is emptying on to the road and may lie inside the market needs also to be addressed.