Mon | Dec 11, 2023

The Cabinet shuffling

Published:Friday | January 14, 2022 | 12:08 AM


There has been much ado about Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ shuffling of his Cabinet.

The dictionary’s definition of ‘shuffle’ includes terms such as ‘prevaricate’ and ‘throw into disorder’, and the logic of language suggests that one who shuffles is a shuffler.

In Jamaican parlance, a ‘shuffler’ is not a complimentary term and is associated with ‘Brer Annancy’ and ‘ginnalship’. We sincerely hope that Brogad does not fall into that category, but only things and time will tell.

We will watch with interest the results of the prime minister’s actions and hope for the best, as we believe that, like the rest of us, he has Jamaica’s best interest at heart and anticipate a prosperous 2022.