Fri | Jun 2, 2023

It cannot be argument done, PM

Published:Monday | January 17, 2022 | 12:08 AM


Twice in one week, the prime minister of Jamaica, who is ‘Primus inter pares’, has thrown his hands in the air and told the citizens of Jamaica that they are on their own regarding COVID-19. At the time of writing this letter, the COVID count for the 24-hour day was 1,968, and, at the very same time, a journalist asked Prime Minister Holness if, given the surge in COVID cases, he still stands by the “argument done” solution, to which the prime minister gave a resounding yes.

It cannot be argument done, Mr Prime Minister. I am not aware of any other nation that has thrown up their hands and told its citizens that it is up to them when it comes on to the management of COVID-19. Are we to understand that the JLP administration, led by Holness, has absolved itself of one of the core responsibilities, which is to cater for the health of its citizens? Is the prime minister aware that there are many vaccinated Jamaicans who are infected with the virus? So the “argument done” cannot be the answer.