Sat | Sep 23, 2023

What rubbish from an ineffective police commissioner

Published:Monday | January 17, 2022 | 12:08 AM


Because persons noticed strange individuals in their community and report it to the police, who I’m sure took months to act, that is being put forward as good intelligence? Where is the arrest of the facilitators? How did they arrive in the country? I guess it’s the same way as the guns and everything else illegal. Why tell us about porous coastline? That is what intelligence should help us with.

In my book, intelligence is of little value of if it not being used to avert crimes, like people entering the country illegally. A plane crash-landed on our shoreline and all occupants disappeared without the help of law enforcement, really? Citizens’ life are at risk when clear incompetence is on full display, and the Government is running around passing laws which are only enforced on the poor and unconnected – the DRMA.

My recommendation is to advertise for new leadership in the police. Open it to persons internationally, fresh eyes needed, but incumbents can apply under new performance standards. We did it for BOJ, although that didn’t work too well. I think what is happening in security now is worse than the BOJ at the time. Think about it, we are spending billions of dollars on equipment to create this massive security infrastructure which may not work. These funds should be spent on education, training and social development.