Thu | Sep 28, 2023

Talkback Thursday | We can’t keep locking down the country

Published:Thursday | January 20, 2022 | 12:06 AM

Amid the surge in COVID cases and hospitalisations, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has maintained that there will not be any further lockdowns. We asked our followers if they agree.

“I agree. Two years is long enough, especially for schools. [The] vulnerable should self-isolate.”

– @NickyLew_ok

“What exactly would be the point of further lockdowns? People would still be staging and attending illegal gatherings and disobeying protocols meant to keep us safe. Eighty per cent of the people are still not getting themselves vaccinated. The pain of the lockdown would yield very little gain.”

– @Zemi66

“Judging by the parties and round robins, I would say present restrictions and curfew aren’t really enforced.”

– @eos_dave

“Lockdown is not the only strategy that’s available, is there? What of WFH, hybrid classes for schools that have the facilities, full F2F for small rural area schools and those with limited facilities, proper enforcement of the DRMA?”

– @Donnieh523

“Lockdown would probably slow the spread, but only for it to go back up. Cayman locked its border for more than a year and the moment they reopen, cases start to rise.”

– @rustyrusl

“Yes. Because the lockdowns clearly don’t work.”

– @renthusiast

“The lockdowns do work to bring down the numbers, but I don’t think the country can afford it anymore. It’s time for personal accountability. The Gov’t can only do so much.”

– @claudjawilliams

“Yes. If you don’t want to take the vaccine, live with the consequences.”

– @shoepleazure

“Yes, because the people don’t care either way, unfortunately.”

– @twisctid

“I believe decisions cannot be made based on emotions. He should be guided by the statistics and then make informed decisions.”

– @woman2womenonelove

“Yes. What has lockdowns achieved? Disaster for education and worse impoverishment of the already impoverished.”

– @fineideas

“Need to enforce the law. No lockdown.”

– @johnsontoursja

“People have bills to pay. Bruk pocket has never been cute. No to lockdowns, and yes to taking the necessary precautions (build up your immune system, early treatment, sanitise, etc).” - @valentinasbeautypassion

“100%, we can’t keep locking down and opening up. We ALL need to take responsibility for our health and be more careful. I was in Portland for two days last week and never saw one person wearing a mask ... the ball is in our court now.” - @christophersharp88

“Yes, the lockdowns are destroying the economy and more than 85 per cent of the population cannot afford a lifestyle where their hours of productivity are reduced; and yet they can still afford to live well by covering utilities, buying groceries, etc. If the lockdown continues, there is going to be a huge economic fallout, and then you will really see how bad crime in Jamaica can get.” - @wazarijohnson