Wed | Dec 7, 2022

Perversity to go to war to ensure peace

Published:Tuesday | March 22, 2022 | 12:08 AM


As we watch the senseless slaughter in Ukraine and rue over the incapacity of the mighty West to stop the medieval massacre, I wonder about the perversity to doggedly prepare for war and expect peace. All their wealth, weaponry, and other blandishments seem unable to stop the carnage Their military might so far has proven inconsequential and an embarrassment to civilized peoples.

This leaves me to ponder further over what difference would emerge if humanity would invest more in preparing for peace instead of wasting obscene sums in preparing for war. The recent wars in places like Syria and Iraq, and now in Ukraine, show that the stability to be gained from the principle of mutual assured destruction is deeply flawed, and indeed, blatantly dangerous. Demigods seem quite willing to use their military might, including nuclear power, to threaten existence rather than give up their maniacal ambitions.

Just imagine what the US$1,981 billion currently spent on so-called security globally could do for upliftment of the human race. Another way of visualising this madness is that this amounts to an expenditure of US$138.70 per minute. The ridiculousness of this investment is seen in the fact that this money only meets its purpose when it is used for massive destruction. It barely has any other purpose than making a few greedy men and their businesses arrogantly rich. An example of this illogic is that the loss of a modern bomber amounts to around US$300 million, or around over 769 million nutritious meals. Furthermore, weapons of war mostly stand idle until they become obsolete, and the technologies that power them rely on colossal expenditures in research, to make them even more destructive, while massive humanitarian needs, such as know-how to provide food and healthcare to a suffering majority, remain unrealised.

Preparing for peace is not such a novel idea as defeated countries of the last World War, such as Germany and Japan. have been forced to shun war and build for peace with astounding positive socioeconomic results. So buying into the wider idea of all countries gaining the confidence to shift from investing in war to building peace is not beyond human comprehension and execution. If the developing countries can start the journey to real peace by educating the next generation to see primacy in respecting and working with others as the acme of success and the rich countries replace the frenzy to acquire exorbitant wealth with protecting the global environment, as their primary goal, we would have begun important investments in peace Then, perhaps, reducing expenditure in the preparation for war and redirecting the savings to poverty eradication and cleaner energy can earnestly begin.