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Security lapse at Puerto Seco Beach Club

Published:Monday | April 18, 2022 | 11:34 AM


I’m writing to alert the general public to a serious problem with security at Puerto Seco Beach Club. I visited the venue on Sunday, April 10 as a VIP guest. I parked my car in the supposedly secure car park and was gone for two hours. I returned to find that my car was missing. When I asked the security guard on duty, I was told that another customer had his car broken into.

This was reported to Juana Kerr, the assistant manager, and the police at Discovery Bay. I was concerned to discover from the police that reported theft of vehicles and personal possessions from cars at Puerto Seco Beach Club is a common occurrence.

I did not hear back from Ms Kerr, and sent her an email on Monday evening. I got no response, so I called her on Tuesday. She advised me that the cameras had caught the incident, but the face of the thief could not be seen clearly. She said management had passed the information to the police.

I asked where the security guard was at the time of the theft and she said that they were investigating the matter. Ms Kerr said she had passed my email and details of the crime to Laura Heron, managing director of Guardsman Hospitality Ltd, and she would respond to my email.

I am still awaiting a response from Ms Heron. I feel strongly that the public must be alerted to this negligence.


Priory, St Ann