Sat | Jun 25, 2022

Letter of the Day | What of the applications to import chicken back and neck?

Published:Wednesday | May 18, 2022 | 12:11 AM
Chicken back and neck.
Chicken back and neck.


I am writing this letter for the attention of the Hon Pearnel Charles Jr, MP, minister of agriculture and fisheries.

Mr Charles, I am writing to you about the lengthy time it is taking for your marketing department to make a decision regarding the allotment of the permits for those stakeholders who applied to import chicken back and neck.

The application process was closed from the end of February 2022, and two and a half months later, none of those who applied during this period have received the approval from your ministry.

Minister Charles, we were promised a fair and transparent process by you, which was a breath of fresh air and a welcoming relief after years of enduring a biased process.

We thought that you came to balance the playing field.

In an age of technology and professionalism, being customer service friendly, can you state why after two and a half months your ministry still can’t operate with an acceptable level of efficiency? This lack of communication, especially from a marketing department, is totally unacceptable!

We await your response, Mr Minister.