Sun | Jun 26, 2022

Prime minister has been granted true wisdom

Published:Friday | May 27, 2022 | 12:17 AM


The prime minister must be commended for directing our nation to self-reliance. This is true wisdom from above.

A nation blessed with such a great climate is a world leader in showing diversity in the use of natural spaces.

Implicit in the appeal to not seek handouts the prime minister is leading us like the psalmist to sing. Our help comes from the Lord, not the hills. God made the heaven and earth and will not cause my foot to be moved. Hallelujah! Shall God not clothe and feed us? Jamaicans are people with great faith.

Poverty is banished in Jamaica. The workforce on our streets and markets volunteers without whip a minimum 18-hour workday. No one is waiting at any pool to be lifted.

However, in the event the fig tree does not bear, thank God it is mango season.

Jamaica is blessed with people whose drive and determination is spirited by the “Holy Ghost power, moving just like a magnet”. If one could bottle this vast energy human resource Jamaica would far surpass many oil-rich nations.

Beautiful structures are carved out of hay into blocs very much like those of the Jews in Egyptian bondage. A vast majority have been building one day at a time without borrowing a dime.

We thank the prime minister for directing us to fall on our knees and praise the almighty for eternal mercies. God is always available and hears the cry of the widow and fatherless.

Yours in Christ.