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Readers’ reactions – Jamaica Zoo has no attraction permit to operate

Published:Friday | May 27, 2022 | 12:19 AM

Jamaica Zoo, where a lion recently ripped off the finger of a taunting employee, does not have a licence to operate as an attraction, the Tourism Product Development Company has confirmed.

Further proof that most patty shops run better than Jamaica. – @marlondre

I’m not surprised the ball was dropped on so many levels. – @Seyon1205

I hope they assist them in getting the licence and the proper training for full operation. – @Kurtvan7

Joke business as usual, what are all these oversight/regulatory agencies doing? How do they get @nepajamaica permits without an attraction licence? Which licence should they attain first? Do these entities not communicate with each other? – @IrishandChin

The question I have is, had this incident not occurred and publicised, would this ‘zoo’ have continued operating without any regulation? Regulators must not only be on the books. – @NatalieJervis

So how are they still allowed to operate? – @AzaleaDunn

This is a whole mess! It’s always until something bad happens they follow up. – @oblessa

So one regulatory body issued licences for it to operate as a zoo but other withheld licensing due to occupational health safety hazards? Jamaica is one big patty shop, if you ask me. – @renzii___

NEPA issued a licence to operate while acknowledging the zoo had issues with animal health and welfare??? The zoo does not have a licence to operate as tourist attraction and clearly have issues with employee protocol with the animals, and they’ve been open for 10 years?! No sah. – @Mello_Mel27

So if that man didn’t lose his finger, this wouldn’t have come to light? – @ashdanej

I want to know if there is a difference between operating as a zoo or an attraction. Because if they don’t have a tourism licence dem must have a zoo licence to bring the lion in the country, or a nuh suh it go? – @daniellealana_

Jamaica on a whole doesn’t have a licence to operate. – @jrbrainz

Deh one finger deh mek everything let out. – @itsmonifa

I can understand a mechanic shop, I can understand a bar, I can even understand daycare; but a zoo? How does a zoo operate below the radar? – @thedonaldoliver

You gonna hear all sort a things now! Jamaica coming like one big cayliss tenement yaad. – @klassykahl

Don’t close the zoo. Go and help them to secure a permit. It has been there for years providing attraction and a learning environment for people on the western side of Jamaica. Instead of finding a fault now at the 11th hour, how about fixing whatever shortcoming they have? Some Jamaicans have a problem, they see you in danger or trouble, and instead of giving a helping hand they try to tear or punch you while down. Regulators are to regulate or make regular those who are not. It’s not to close down or stymie growth and innovation. – Joseph Edwards

Lord Jesus, no bother lock it down. Tell them what they need to do. The zoo is barely a zoo. Jamaica has no place to take kids. Only party and beach. Not everyone can afford Disney World. – Kadia Smith

– Responses sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel