Fri | Jun 24, 2022

Innocent people are victims of oversized egos

Published:Tuesday | June 21, 2022 | 12:06 AM


The is a common denominator that governs the principle of war – be it gang or turf war in Jamaica currently, or the war between Russia and Ukraine. That common denominator is always the same blind conceit or selfishness – the inordinate presence of the ego boosting steroids.

It is that constant that blindfolds men to the common good and the reality – like a galloping horse that couldn’t care less about onlookers or the broken casualties in its track. Despite months of suffering foisted upon the people of Ukraine and Russia the captains of that conflict have no time to weep over those who suffer. Nor do they have sympathy for solders sent on a suicide missions.

Similarly in Jamaica dons or leaders of gangs do not really give a thought for their followers. It is no more than a slave and master situation, which makes the people’s commitment to gangs and gangsterism even more ludicrous. The only thing indispensable in gang or international wars is obdurate pride and an ego twisted out of proportion.

It is not about justice or squaring of on any important rights. For that reason, as reported recently in the media, gangs could decide to form a pact, and make a vow to eliminate mothers, not because these mothers offended them personally, but because they are felt to be related to the ‘real’ offenders. Anyone who may or may not be remotely to any crime can be used as the sacrificial lamb in retaliation, even if that lamb is equally wounded by the relative they seek to revenge.

Conceit and a overinflated egos blinds people against reason and dwarfs good sense and practicality. They build walls of nationalism, racism and many other fake notions. Blind pride leads men into wars and suffering, but for the same reason, it will leave them grouping to find the way out.

I am convinced of the truth of Jeremiah 10:23 that: “I well know, O Jehovah, that man’s ways do not belong to him. It does note belong to man who is waking to direct his steps.”


Mount Vernon, New York