Wed | Nov 29, 2023

Can tragedies be prevented?

Published:Saturday | June 25, 2022 | 12:07 AM


It could be that tragedies could be prevented. However, if one embarks on a long swim without a lifebuoy and disregarding the instructions of lifeguards, who can help such a drowning soul?

The poet Lorna Goodison bluntly made a character resonate that she was going to buy her yards of black cloth. This would assist in making a dress for her son’s funeral who had embarked on a life of crime. When we see the first red flags, why don’t we run?

Why do we think sin and murder cannot be committed in ‘loving’ homes or ‘praying’ churches? Those we ‘worship’ are the ones closest to us. Is it not safer to sleep under a tree or in a house infested with roaches that in an ‘uncomfortable’ state?

In running, you may sprain an ankle or tear a ligament or snap an Achilles tendon - but you will live. We should not be content to not let our children see evil before them in the open but also unknowingly behind closed doors.

Compassion should not wear rose-tinted glasses. House guests and house hosts are very dangerous. even the ‘praying’, ‘preying’ or ‘pry her’ types. Someone always knows and warns. Unfortunately, most do not listen.

Best, however, to be the foolish one. One who refuses a meal or a ride from a stranger. You should have the index of suspicion of nefarious activity.

Bullets and knives do not have caring eyes or hearts.