Fri | Dec 9, 2022

Conflict resolution is important

Published:Tuesday | June 28, 2022 | 12:06 AM

THE EDITOR, Madam:Conflict resolution should be a part of every prep-, primary- and high-school curriculum in Jamaica. This is critical to lay a solid foundation from the early ages and stages of the lives of our children and teenagers.

Every day, we hear of too many unnecessary and untimely deaths, destruction and injuries that are resulting from the violent crimes. At times, these deadly, spontaneous reactions to domestic disputes that arise in Jamaican homes, and in one recent case in an office, are from the males.

The current problem that has become a cancer in Jamaica, which has caused, and continues to cause, deep pain, suffering and post-traumatic stress disorder among many Jamaicans and their families. Violent behaviour has left many Jamaican children without parent(s) – a paradigm shift is needed to change this situation.

Instead of reacting violently to situations that fuel anger, disgust and disdain, we should learn to respond to such situations in intelligent, non-violent, and measured ways.

Far too often in Jamaica we are seeing that temporary problems are being solved with ‘permanent solutions’.