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Ja needs to salvage int’l respect

Published:Tuesday | June 28, 2022 | 12:06 AM


I fully concur with the points made in the article written by Mr Delano Franklyn, titled ‘Kamina Johnson Smith’s defeat – A divided CARICOM and Africa’, published on June 26. The actions of our prime minister and Minister Johnson Smith in this matter is most embarrassing, not only to Jamaicans, but also those non-Jamaicans globally who have come to respect Jamaica for its principled and progressive stand internationally on many occasions.

We have earned the respect of our brothers and sisters internationally as a country that does not place personal or individual desires and pursuits above the collective interests of our partners. Having served in, and been elected to lead similar and much larger international grouping of nations, I can attest to the respect and trustworthy value of nations internationally, and in particular the Caribbean and Africa.

Let no one fool oneself, without voting strength of the collective on international matters of importance to Jamaica and our people, we will always be crushed by the self-interest of larger and dominating states.

They will not bat an eyelid in doing soon! In this regard, the observations and comments by Ms Kay Osborne, also in the July 26 publication are very much on point.

There are other pertinent issues in this matter that ought to be pursued and carefully examined. And these examinations must be done very soon, now that the dust has settled on the contest, though leaving colossal consequences in its pathway.


Member of Parliament

St Catherine Southern